Tailwind Academy for Professional Advisors

It is our experience that clients benefit from having their advisors collaborate rather than work in silos. However, when there is no uniformity and process, the client experience is diminished.  In addition, this experience disincentivises the advisors from collaborating in the future.

To bridge this gap, we have developed and refined the Tailwind Academy for Professional Advisors.

  • Professionalize the client & collaborative advisor experience.
  • Convert the abstract to conceptual and tangible.
  • Receive introductions from collaborative advisors such as CPAs.

This program builds on the Associate curriculum and takes you through the next steps of client engagement after introductions have been made from CPAs.

Some of the additional resources you will receive include:

  • Sample Introduction Kit to send to CPAs
  • Email Scripts to be used with CPAs
  • Meeting Scripts to be used with CPAs
  • Joint CPA Calls
  • OpportunityIdentifier Toolkit
  • RelationshipBuilder Discovery Process Tool
  • Live Coaching
  • Access to Tailwind Tax Consulting services