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Tailwind Financial Strategies Collaboration with Financial AdvisorsHow Do We Collaborate?

We collaborate and advise financial professionals including CFPs, Investment Advisors, Insurance Agents, as well as CPAs and Attorneys on strategies to help their clients protect their income and wealth.

While some just seek our advice, others wish to have us engage directly with their clients.

How Do You Get Paid?

There are 2 ways we get paid. First, we charge a fee for designing strategies for your client.   The second way we get paid is by helping you implement the strategies.

What Are Your Fees?

We have found that we are most valuable to financial professionals when their client’s net worth is at least $5 Million. For design only services, we will either bill the advisor direct as a client of ours, or sign an engagement agreement with your client.

Our pricing is based on the amount of time and level of expertise required to provide a service or complete a task for our clients. We try to quote a fixed fee, or at least give a range as to how much a specific task will cost, whenever possible.  For a more specific estimate, contact us with your case details. If you engage us in the deployment phase, our fees would be dependent on the depth of the engagement.

Will You Meet My Clients In Person?

Yes. If needed, we will meet clients in person.

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