Business Owners Workshop

We believe in the collaborative approach to planning. A team including a business owner’s CPA, financial advisor and lawyer is essential to providing a business owner with a plan that addresses their unique concerns and one that lasts for generations.

In this workshop we will review the unique challenges that business owners face when they engage in planning. By understanding these challenges and studying some of the solutions available, you will have the confidence to plan for your future, the future of your business and most importantly, the future of your family.

Tax Reduction Planning

  1. Where are you paying taxes now?
  2. Where will you be paying taxes later?
  3. What can you do to reduce or eliminate taxes now & in the future?

Legacy & Wealth Preservation

  1. Control your business, financial & family affairs while you are alive and well and in case of disability.
  2. Keep family harmony by planning fairly for all.
  3. Pass on more to heirs while keeping them safe from creditors.

Growing What You Keep

  1. How various investment products work and when they should, and should not, be used.
  2. How various investment strategies generate income and gains in value.
  3. The best strategies for specific situations.

Sponsors & Presenters