Tailwind Tax Consulting

Our Tax Consulting Division utilizes a team of tax experts to provide sophisticated and practical advice to our clients to implement and maintain the right structures and strategies.

Sample Tax Planning Report

Comprehensive, Fee-Based Tax Consulting

Don’t make financial decisions in a vacuum.  Financial decisions you make not only have tax implications today, but they will more than likely have tax implications down the line in the future.  Our consulting services address the following areas.

  • Income Tax Planning
  • Asset Protection
  • Business Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate & Gift Planning
  • Educational Planning
  • Charitable Giving

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Representation Before Tax Authorities

  • Taxpayer represenation at IRS hearings, conferences, and meetings.
  • Communication with the IRS regarding taxpayer’s rights, privileges, or liabilities under laws and regulations administered by the IRS.
  • Preparing, filing or submitting documents, or advising on the preparation, filing or submission of documents, including tax returns, with the IRS on behalf of a taxpayer.
  • Written Tax advice on Federal matters.

Unlimited representation rights allow a credentialed tax practitioner to represent you before the IRS on any tax matter. Tailwind Financial Strategies, LLC and its principles, employees, staff, representatives and affiliated professionals (TEAM) do not provide tax, legal or accounting advice unless clients have current engagements documented in signed engagement letters with the appropriate entities.